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Spice Up Your Desserts: Heavenly Ginger Cake Recipes to Enjoy This Winter

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Spice Up Your Desserts: Heavenly Ginger Cake Recipes to Enjoy This Winter

It’s the perfect time of year to indulge in the gorgeous flavours of ginger cake! With its rich spices and comforting warmth, ginger cake isn’t just a dessert, it’s a seasonal staple.

In this article, learn all about this incredible treat and discover some amazing ginger cake recipes that we think you’ll adore!

The irresistible appeal of ginger cake 

Delight in the blend of ground ginger, stem ginger, and mixed spice coming together in a symphony of flavours. This aromatic blend creates a sense of warmth and cosiness, perfect for seasonal gatherings and chilly evenings by the fire.

The ingredients of ginger cake can vary from recipe to recipe, but they tend to have similar base ingredients.

Lyle’s Black Treacle, with its thick, syrupy richness, brings depth and complexity to a ginger cake. It’s the secret that captivatingly balances between sweet and slightly bitter tones.

To add in some further magic, mix in Tate & Lyle Soft Brown Sugar, which creates a deeper colour and intense flavour.

And let’s not forget Lyle’s Golden Syrup, the hero ingredient that creates a caramel-like flavour and sweetness that perfectly contrasts with the zing of the ginger and the earthiness of the spices.

Winter comfort on a plate

Ginger cake embodies the essence of winter comfort. It’s not just about the taste; it’s about the memories and feelings it evokes. The warmth of the ginger spice is a welcome sensation during the colder months, turning each slice into a nostalgic journey.

Plus, ginger cake has a longer shelf life. You can store it in an airtight container for up to two weeks, allowing you to indulge in its delightful flavours whenever you desire.

Elevate your ginger cake with these divine toppings

Transform your ginger cake into a culinary masterpiece with these mouth-watering toppings. Each one brings a unique twist, enhancing the cake’s warm and spicy flavours:

Ice cream

The contrast between the cold, creamy texture of the ice cream and the warm, spiced cake achieves a delightful flavour explosion!

Whipped cream

Light and airy whipped cream adds a delicate, cloud-like softness to your ginger cake.

Chocolate sauce

The deep, rich flavours of our chocolate sauce recipe pair perfectly with the spicy notes of ginger, creating a luxurious and decadent topping.

Caramel sauce

Our stunning caramel sauce recipe adds a sweet and buttery flavour to this wintertime treat, offering a luscious, velvety finish.


A British classic, our smooth and creamy custard recipe is a soothing contrast to this pudding’s vibrant spice.

Try these delicious ginger cake recipes 

Easy gingerbread cake

A simple, easy-to-make gingerbread cake that matures into a stickier, richer flavour if eaten a few days after baking. Finish it off with a dusting of icing sugar or some silky smooth buttercream.

Ginger parkin with honeycomb

Experience the essence of Autumn and Winter with this traditional Yorkshire gingerbread, enhanced with a crunchy honeycomb topping.

Oh-so sticky gingerbread 

This delightful richly spiced sticky ginger cake is perfect for adding a touch of warmth to winter evenings.

Sticky ginger cinder toffee cupcakes

Perfect for festive occasions, these cupcakes blend the sweetness of cinder toffee with classic seasonal spices.

Ginger and treacle traybake

Indulge in this spicy, ginger-infused traybake topped with a unique ginger icing, a delicious option for any gathering.

Don’t forget Lyle’s!

Don’t forget to stock up on Lyle’s Golden Syrup and Lyle’s Black Treacle, the essential ingredients that will bring these ginger cake recipes to life!

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