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Delicious Apple Recipes for the Most A-peel-ing Desserts 

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Delicious Apple Recipes for the Most A-peel-ing Desserts 

Apples, the heralds of British summer, are not just juicy and sweet but also incredibly versatile. From sweet desserts to savoury dishes, apples can be the star of a wide range of recipes.

In this article, discover three of our favourite apple-based recipes to delight your friends and family.

Why we love apples in summer

When the warmer months arrive, there’s nothing more invigorating than biting into a crisp, refreshing apple. However, apples are also fantastic in a variety of baking recipes, helping to bring a unique twist with their sharp, powerful juices.

The best part? There are dozens of seasonal apple varieties at your fingertips: Bramley apples, Granny Smiths, Pink Lady… the list goes on. Each of these varieties has its own unique flavour and texture, leading to endless possibilities when creating apple recipes.

Some apples, such as Braeburns, are more suitable for baking, while other (Fujis for example), can be plucked straight from the tree and eaten there and then.

What’s more, Lyles Golden Syrup serves as the perfect accompaniment to apple-based desserts, helping to elevate and accentuate the deliciously sweet undertones of your treats, from apple crumble to apple pie and everything in between.

3 of our favourite apple recipes

They say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and while we can’t guarantee these recipes will do that, we can promise they’ll add a sweet, sugary, golden syrupy twist to your day!

Here are three of our favourites.

Tremendous toffee apples

Remember those balmy summer evenings at the fun fair? These tremendous toffee apples will whisk you straight back to those days.

Perfect for adults and children alike, the recipe is straightforward and brilliant fun to make. Briefly boil the apples, twist off the stalks and stick some wooden ice lolly sticks into the cores. Next, cook up some delicious toffee using our Golden Syrup before twirling in your apples. The result? Dripping, sticky, golden goodness.

Apple pie flapjacks

Combining two classically British recipes, these easy apple pie flapjacks are entirely unique. Melt butter, Tate & Lyle Light Muscovado Sugar and Lyle’s Golden Syrup in a saucepan, alongside a dash of salt and some oats. Leave to cool before adding some scrumptious apples, walnuts and cinnamon. Once baked until golden, leave them to cool. Serve alongside whipped cream, vanilla ice cream or custard, and you’ll have a new favourite flapjack recipe at your disposal.

Apple cinnamon stateside pancakes 

Bring a distinctly British twist (courtesy of Lyle’s Golden Syrup) to an American classic with our apple cinnamon stateside pancakes recipe.

Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this one is particularly fun to make. For the topping, chop up your apples into small chunks, heat in a pan with lemon juice and butter and mix in your golden syrup. Cook your pancakes by following the recipe, coat them with your delicious apple topping and… *chef’s kiss*.

Discover our classic range

Lyle’s Golden Syrup and British apples are a match made in heaven. Explore our full range of products and get inspired to create delicious, mouthwatering desserts!

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