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The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Peanut Brittle

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The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Peanut Brittle

A sweet treat that’s both simple to make and irresistibly tasty, peanut brittle is a classic confection that’s tantalised tastebuds for generations.

In this article, discover the answers to your most pressing peanut brittle questions and get helpful tips for perfecting our beloved peanut brittle recipe.

What is peanut brittle made from?

At the heart of this crunchy classic are just a handful of ingredients, each playing a crucial role in creating the perfect brittle. You’ll need:

1) Butter: To give it a creamy richness.

2) Caster sugar: The fine texture allows it to melt beautifully.

3) Water: To help the sugar melt and stop sugar crystals from forming.

4) Peanuts: To add that delightfully nutty crunch.

Lyle’s Golden Syrup: To bring a uniquely rich sweetness to this treat.

What’s the difference between peanut brittle and toffee?

Although both peanut brittle and toffee may look similar, they are different in the following ways:


Peanut brittle is a harmonious blend of sugar, water, butter, and golden syrup, with peanuts added to create a textural delight.

Toffee, on the other hand, is a luxurious mix of butter (proportionally more than peanut brittle) and sugar, with milk or cream often added for extra richness and depth.


Brittle boasts a satisfyingly hard and snappy texture, breaking cleanly and melting in your mouth.

Toffee offers a more varied texture, ranging from soft and chewy to hard and crumbly, depending on how it’s prepared.


The flavour profile of peanut brittle focuses on the caramelised sweetness of sugar and Lyle’s Golden Syrup with the earthy taste and crunch of peanuts.

Toffee, however, has a richer and more layered flavour profile, with the buttery, creamy ingredients contributing to a deeper, more complex taste.

Whether you crave the straightforward sweetness and crunch of brittle or the rich, creamy indulgence of toffee, both treats offer a unique and satisfying experience.

Why won’t my peanut brittle set properly?

One of the most common challenges when making peanut brittle is achieving its signature hard, crunchy texture. The key lies in the sugar being heated to the right temperature – ideally between 300-310°F (149-154°C).

Using a sugar thermometer (also known as a candy thermometer) can help you hit this sweet spot accurately. However, if you don’t have a sugar thermometer, you can still achieve great results with a simple cold-water test: Drop a small amount of the sugar mixture into ice-cold water, and if it hardens immediately, your sugar is at the right temperature.

How do you store peanut brittle?

Storing your brittle correctly is crucial to maintaining its delightful crunch. The best method is to allow it to cool completely, then place your brittle in an airtight container at room temperature, away from moisture. This way, it will last up to 8 weeks.

While it might be tempting to use the fridge for storage, its humid environment can soften your brittle. You can, however, freeze your peanut brittle, where it can be preserved in an airtight, freezer-safe container for up to 3 months.

Creative uses for peanut brittle 

Peanut brittle is undeniably delicious on its own, but it also adds a wonderful twist to various other desserts. Here are some creative ways to incorporate it elsewhere:

1) Ice cream and frozen yoghurt toppings: Crumble the brittle into small pieces and sprinkle over your favourite ice cream or frozen yoghurt for a delightful crunch.

2) A glorious garnish: Add a new dimension to cakes, pies, and brownies by topping them with your brittle, blending the nutty crunch with the softness of your baked treats.

3) Milkshake and smoothie flavour booster: Blend pieces of brittle into your milkshake or smoothie to infuse a rich, nutty flavour.

4) Elegant dessert toppings: Sprinkle shards of brittle over puddings or mousses for a sophisticated and delicious finishing touch.

5) Homemade chocolate bark: Create a bespoke chocolate bark by mixing chopped brittle into melted chocolate, then cooling it into breakable pieces for a sweet and crunchy delight.

To ensure the brittle retains its crunch, add it to your desserts just before serving. If it’s too hard to break by hand, a quick pulse in a food processor can bring it to the desired size for your culinary creations.

Crunch time: Make your own peanut brittle!

Now that you’re equipped with all the know-how and inspiration, it’s time to try our cracking peanut brittle recipe. Remember, the secret to truly exceptional homemade peanut brittle is Lyle’s Golden Syrup, which brings a touch of golden sweetness to every bite.

Ready to begin? Explore our range of products, don your apron, and get cracking!

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