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From Cravings to Creations: Explore the Magic of Chocolate Honeycomb 

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From Cravings to Creations: Explore the Magic of Chocolate Honeycomb 

Picture a treat that combines the delicate crunch of honeycomb with the richness of chocolate – a match made in dessert heaven. In this article, explore the delectable world of chocolate honeycomb and learn how to make some delicious, buzz-worthy bites!

What is honeycomb? 

Before we dive into our favourite chocolate honeycomb recipes, let’s take a moment to understand what honeycomb is.

For anyone that doesn’t know, honeycomb is a popular sweet treat that’s light, airy, and crunchy. It’s made from caster sugar, golden syrup and bicarbonate of soda (also known as baking soda). Baking soda reacts with the sugar and golden syrup to create carbon dioxide air bubbles, which resemble a honeycomb texture – hence the name.

Honeycomb is an inviting golden-brown colour and has a sweet, caramelised flavour. This is a great treat on its own, but it’s also added to other dishes. Whether it’s dipping it in milk chocolate to create a gorgeous chocolate honeycomb or adding it to desserts like cake or ice cream, honeycomb is a versatile treat that can add gorgeous flavours and crunch.

What’s the difference between honeycomb and cinder toffee?

You might be wondering about the differences between honeycomb and cinder toffee. Well, the truth is, they’re one and the same!

In the UK, you’ll often hear honeycomb referred to as cinder toffee. The name draws from its appearance – when it’s freshly made, it has a rough, bubbly texture and a light brown colour resembling cinders left behind by a fire.

Across the globe, honeycomb is known by a variety of different names. In Australia and New Zealand, it’s affectionately known as “hokey pokey”, while in America, you might hear it referred to as “seafoam candy”. Regardless of what it’s called, it’s an irresistible sweet treat that’s loved all over the world.

Chocolate-dipped honeycomb: Our mouthwatering recipe

With just four simple ingredients, you can create a delectable treat that combines the sweetness and crunch of honeycomb and the velvety allure of chocolate!

Our chocolate-dipped honeycomb is super easy to make. Begin by gently heating Lyle’s Golden Syrup and caster sugar together until the sugar dissolves, then let this mixture simmer until it has a rich amber colour.

When you have the right colour, turn off the heat and add the bicarbonate of soda, mixing thoroughly until the honeycomb mixture stops foaming. Then pour the honeycomb mixture onto a baking tray lined with baking paper and leave it to cool and set.

Once it’s set, all you have to do is melt the chocolate, break up the honeycomb and dip it into the chocolate. Once the chocolate is set, you’ll be left with some scrumptious chocolate honeycomb! Check out our recipe for more information.

Honeycomb and chocolate pots

Now you know how to make chocolate honeycomb, it’s time to let your new-found skills shine with this recipe. This dessert is the perfect finale for any dinner party or meal. Indulge in the decadence of this silky-smooth chocolate mousse topped with the delightful crunch of chocolate-dipped honeycomb.

Some more delicious honeycomb recipes

While standard honeycomb recipes are undeniably tempting, don’t be afraid to embrace a chocolate twist. These recipes use classic honeycomb, but why not try using our chocolate honeycomb instead to add another level of flavour?

Ginger parkin with honeycomb 

Ginger parkin, a cherished ginger cake from Yorkshire, takes a delightful twist when crowned with honeycomb. With the warmth of ginger blending with the sweetness and crunch of honeycomb, this marriage of flavours will leave anyone who eats it wanting more.

Sticky ginger cinder toffee cupcakes 

Ginger’s warm and comforting flavours find the perfect companion with the sweetness of honeycomb. Enjoy the aromatic hints of ginger with the caramelised flavours of honeycomb.

Ready to begin your chocolate honeycomb adventures?

As you prepare to dive into the world of honeycomb, remember the essential ingredient that brings your honeycomb to life – Lyle’s Golden Syrup. Its rich, smooth texture and unmatched flavours hold the key to creating the perfect honeycomb.

Before you start baking, don’t forget to stock up on Lyle’s Golden Syrup.

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