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7 terrific game ideas kids Halloween party

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7 terrific game ideas for a kids Halloween party

Besides the trick or treating, keeping the kids entertained all evening can be a daunting task. These fun and easy to put together Halloween games should help. You can select one of these games or have a few game stations that kids can go to with empty good bags, where after each game is over they collect sweets or a little prize.

Mummy relay race

There’s nothing like a game that includes a bit of running around to tire the kids out a little. For this Halloween themed relay race, divide the kids in two groups of pairs and get one of each pair to wrap the other as quickly as possible with loo roll or white crepe paper to look like a mummy. The two wrapped up mummy kids then have to run as quickly as possible to the finish line, and the one that gets there first wins.

Halloween Ring Toss

For a fun Halloween twist on the carnival favourite game of ring toss, you can use witch hats or pumpkins’ stems as targets! For the rings, simply put together a few glow necklaces. Place a line or marker down away from the target, for players to stand behind, divide the kids into two teams and you’re ready to go! You can track points with rings counting as 2 points for a full ring and 1 point for one that is leaning on or touching a target. The first team that gets 21 points is the winner.

Snap the Sticky Apple

Eating apples on a string makes a tasty and entertaining Halloween Game and a less messy alternative to the traditional bobbing apples. To set it up, simply attach strings to the stalks off your sticky apples and hang them off a washing line or a tree. The winner is the first person who is able to get the first bite without using their hands. To make it harder, you could pair the kids up and have one kid blindfolded, whilst the other directs him towards the apple.

Ghost knock down

Another fun carnival-inspired game for your Halloween party is ball toss. For a really easy Halloween alternative, use plastic cups and make them look like little ghosts using a black marker to draw the eyes out. An alternative could be to use some empty tin cans that you can paint and decorate in a Halloween fashion if you’re feeling crafty. The kids are given three balls or clementine to toss per game and can win prizes based on the number of cups or cans they knockdown in 3 tries. For added difficulty, the players could be required to knock down all the cups to win.

Spider Races

This fun game is a super simple option for your Halloween party. The kids simply battle against each other to blow their spider as quickly as possible across the finish line, using a straw. All you need to set this up is a tray, lined with paper, 2 coloured plastic spiders per game and some straws!

Halloween scavenger hunt

There is nothing that kids like more than a scavenger hunt. To set up a Halloween themed hunt, hide a variety of spooky items and treats throughout your home, then divide the kids into two teams and ask them to find them all. For small items, the teams can collect them, or you could print out a checklist if your hidden items are bigger. The winning team receives extra candy.

Pumpkin Decorating

Any Halloween party must include some pumpkin carving! It does pose all sorts of potential hazards, however, when kids plus knives are involved. Instead, opt for kid-friendly paintbrushes, markers, coloured tape, pompons or glitter. The kids will have just as much fun painting the pumpkins with vivid colours, sticking pompons or glitter over them or even taping them up, without you worrying about potential bleeding fingers.

And now, for some tasty spooky treats, check out below our easy Halloween recipes that will be a hit with the kids.

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