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Platinum Jubilee Celebration Ideas

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Platinum Jubilee Celebration Ideas

Although the Platinum Jubilee celebrations come with a whopping four-day bank holiday (I bet you’re counting down the days, we certainly are!) – it most importantly marks Queen Elizabeth II as the longest-reigning monarch in history. That’s a pretty big deal. With such a big accomplishment, comes an even bigger celebration, as the whole country will be coming together to celebrate with The Queen. In this article, discover how the country is celebrating and explore some of our popular recipes to help you and your loved ones mark this momentous occasion!

Platinum Jubilee Party Ideas

Host a Street Party

Street parties have been an essential part of British culture since World War I, when ‘Peace Teas’ were hosted around the country to celebrate the end of the war. Host a street party to celebrate the Queen’s reign with your neighbours, and have some delicious food too! If you’re feeling creative, why not make your own decorations? Spruce up your streets with bunting, flags, tablecloths and other patriotic items to bring your community together. There are some things you need to bear in mind when organising a street party, so take a look at the Government’s website to see the rules, regulations and some myths debunked.

The Big Lunch

The Big Lunch is a tradition that started in 2009 and will be taking place on Sunday 5th June this year. The Big Lunch can be as big or as small as you want. It can be anything from a small get together in your garden, to a street party with all of your neighbours. The event aims to bring people together, allowing guests to get to know each other, form friendships and ignite a community spirit. Every person is supposed to bring their own food and drinks to add to the table and share, then everyone can tuck in and enjoy! If you wish, you could assign which guests bring sweet and savoury foods to make sure you get a variety of options. As much as we all love the thought of a table full of cake, it might get a bit sickly after a while. Bringing the community together is also a great opportunity to raise some money for charity, whether you fundraise for your local community or raise money for a charity close to everyone’s hearts.

Jubilee Cake Recipes

Her Majesty’s Cake

This showstopper is named for the Queen herself, so it’s bound to get the royal seal of approval from your party guests.

Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake

This family favourite is set to give your table an extra zing, and a perfect addition to any afternoon tea.

Victoria Sandwich Smile

What’s more British than a Victoria sandwich? This simple cake with the classic cream and jam filling is a crowd-pleaser that won’t take you hours to make!

Coffee and Walnut Cake

Another firm favourite, the delicious flavours of coffee and Lyle’s Golden Syrup make this cake even more irresistible.

Luscious Carrot Cake

Love it or hate it, this beautifully spiced carrot cake with citrus-flavoured icing will be sure to change the minds of any sceptics!

Platinum Jubilee Dessert Recipes

Carrot Cake Flapjacks

This fun take on a flapjack gives you the delightful texture of a flapjack, with all the flavours of a carrot cake. If you ask us, that sounds amazing!

Eton Mess Trifle

This delicious recipe allows you to add another British classic to your meal, as well as give you a taste of summer.

Manchester Tart

Give some of your guests a taste of nostalgia with this school dinner classic.

The Secret Ingredient…

All of these Platinum Jubilee recipes have one thing in common – they all have the glorious addition of our famous Lyle’s Golden Syrup. Explore our range of products and start baking now!

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