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Save Money This Summer: 4 Child-Friendly Garden Ideas on a Budget

Summer is a time of year most children look forward to. It gives them a well-deserved break from school, allowing them to let their hair down and have some fun!


But on weekends and summer holidays, you need activities to keep your children entertained. You may think this will inevitably involve expensive days out, but fun summer activities don’t have to break the bank - you can create precious memories at home in your own garden. 

In this article, we explore 4 budget-friendly garden activities, as well as some budget dessert recipes with Lyle’s Golden Syrup as the star ingredient, that are sure to put a smile on your kids’ faces. 

Budget-friendly garden activities

These fun garden activities are sure-fire ways to keep your little ones, and any guests, entertained – without spending a fortune.

Water balloon toss

This is a fun game that’s easy to set up. Lay out some rings on the floor and label them as different points (i.e., 25, 50, 100). The aim of the game is to stand a short distance away and throw three water balloons into the rings, trying to get as many points as you can. 

Plus, once you’re finished with the game, you can fill up some extra water balloons and let the kids go wild! A good old-fashioned water fight is the perfect thing to cool them down on a hot summer’s day.  

DIY sandbox

What child doesn’t love building a sandcastle? Save yourself money on fuel or bus fares and bring the beach to your garden. 

All you have to do is either make a box yourself, or pick up a cheap plastic container, and fill it with play sand. Then you just need a bucket and spade, and the kids will be entertained for hours. 

Rock painting

Set out some paints and different-sized rocks and unleash your kids’ imaginations with this fun activity. This may be a simple idea, but you will get some brand new, colourful decorations out of it to spruce up your garden!

Scavenger hunt

Set out different clues and riddles, or even make a map and get their minds working with a scavenger hunt. Make it a fun competition by offering a prize to the winner.

Easy, low-budget dessert recipes 

Once your kids have finished all of the fun garden activities, you need some delicious treats to keep them happy. 

These budget-friendly dessert recipes are sure to be crowd-pleasers, making the perfect snacks or sweet treats for the end of a meal or between activities.

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Peanut butter & jelly Jammy Dodgers

Jammy Dodgers are a national favourite, and a staple in most people’s biscuit tins, but this recipe gives this humble biscuit an American twist.  

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Chocolate-dipped honeycomb

Who said sweet treats had to be complicated? Our tasty chocolate-dipped honeycomb recipe uses just four ingredients and can be made in under 15 minutes. 

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Chocolate Crispies

Super simple to make and cost-effective these tasty little beauties are enjoyed by everyone. Whether you bake them with a little one or for the whole family, they’re a classic!

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Raspberry crumble bars

This recipe takes the classic flavours of a crumble and puts it into snack-size portions, what’s not to love?

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Add in Lyle’s Golden Syrup

The delicious, caramelised flavours of Lyle’s Golden Syrup make these low-budget desserts even more irresistible!

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