Lyle's Lovely Treacle Tart

Lyle's Easy Treacle Tart Recipe

You can enjoy our lovely treacle tart warm or chilled. Enjoy on its own for the full golden flavour, or add a dash of crème fraîche to set off the rich depth of Lyle's Golden Syrup. Whatever your preference, this easy treacle tart recipe is sure to yield the yummiest results!




30 mins


65-75 mins plus chilling time



  • 295g Plain flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 165g Unsalted butter (chilled + cubed)
  • 4½ tbsp Cold water
  • Pinch of salt


  • 450g Lyle's Golden Syrup
  • 25g Unsalted butter
  • 1 Large egg
  • 3 tbsp Double cream
  • 2 sachets Dr Oetker Lemon Ready Zest
  • 30g breadcrumbs (increase to 80g for a denser mixture)
  • Crème fraîche, for serving



Follow the 9 steps of this easy treacle tart recipe and make treacle tart part of your tradition.

  1. Pulse the flour, butter and salt in a blender until the mixture resembles large crumbs. Add the water and briefly blend until it comes together in a ball – then wrap in cling film and chill for 20 minutes.
  2. Cut off one-third of the pastry and set aside for the lattice top. Roll the rest of pastry out on a lightly floured surface to about 4cm (1½”) bigger than a loose-bottomed tart tin, 22cm (9”) x 3.5cm (1½”) deep. Line the tin with pastry, trim the excess and lightly prick with a fork, then chill for 30 minutes. Add the excess to the pastry set aside for the lattice top.
  3. Preheat the oven to 190°C/170° Fan, 375°F, Gas 5. Lay some baking parchment in the tin over the pastry and then put your baking beans in, over the parchment. Place in the oven and pre-bake for 15 minutes on the middle shelf. Remove the paper and beans and bake for a further 8-10 minutes to dry the pastry out. Remove the tart from the oven and put it on a baking tray. Reduce the oven temperature down to 180°C/160°Fan, 350°F, Gas 4, ready for later.
  4. Roll the extra lattice top pastry out thinly and set aside on a tray to chill in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes – this makes it easier to handle.
  5. Gently warm the Lyle’s Golden Syrup in a pan over a low heat, remove, then add the butter and stir until melted. Leave to cool a little. Using a fork, beat the egg and cream together in a separate bowl, then quickly beat in the syrup mixture along with the lemon zest and crumbs. Pour into the pastry case.
  6. Remove the pastry from the fridge and cut into 10 strips of 1cm width which are long to overhang the edges of the tart tin.
  7. Lay 5 parallel strips equally spaced over the tart. Fold back every other strip and place one strip of dough perpendicular to the parallel strips. Unfold the folded strips over the perpendicular strip. Now take the parallel strips that are running underneath the perpendicular strip and fold them back over. Lay down a second perpendicular strip (evenly spaced) and unfold the folded parallel strips.
  8. Continue this process until all 10 strips have been placed. Trim the edges of the strips for a neat finish to fit inside the tart.
  9. Bake on the middle shelf for 45-50 minutes until richly brown and set. (The filling will still be a bit wobbly, but it will firm up on cooling.) Remove, leave to cool until warm, then remove from the tin, slide onto a plate and serve.


  • So, there you have it – you now know how to make treacle tart and it’s a part of your baking repertoire! For a lighter version of this recipe, just cut down on the pastry and leave off the lattice top.
  • In the unlikely event that you have leftovers, your deliciously yummy treacle tart can be stored in an airtight container for up to 2 days.
  • Make sure that your tart has completely cooled before storing.