Flapjack Crisps

Flapjacks but not as you know them! We've reinvented the classic British treat in the form of Flapjack Crisps! Thin and crispy versions of the traditional bake can be created in five minutes in an air fryer, resulting in a perfectly moreish crisp that’s delectably easy for dipping.

Prep Time
Cook Time
Meet the Baker

This recipe was created by baker Eloise Head, also known as Fit Waffle to her large social media community. Find more of her indulgent and easy recipes through her social channels. 


150g salted butter

60g light brown sugar

150g Lyle’s Golden Syrup

280g jumbo oats                           

Dips: Lyle’s Golden Syrup and/or melted chocolate

  1. Melt the butter, light brown sugar, and Lyle’s Golden Syrup in a saucepan on a low to medium heat, stirring regularly until fully combined.
  2. Remove from the heat and fold in the oats until they’re fully coated in the mix.
  3. Line your air fryer or oven rack with a sheet of baking paper. Scoop one leveled tablespoon of the mix onto the baking paper and press it down into a thin disc shape or place a sheet of baking paper on top and use a rolling pin to flatten, then remove the paper. They will spread slightly so make sure there’s enough room in between them.
  4. Air fry at 180C for 5 mins, or in the oven at 180C for 5-6 minutes, then allow them to cool fully.